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Data Entry Service

Information or Data is the foundation on which every institution is built. Having unrestricted access to your information at any moment is needed to provide your customers with the most effective offers for all their needs. At Sagatianz IT Solutions, we aim to bring your activity to the highest level of performance by offering continuous data protection solutions.

As a freelance server, Sagatianz IT solutions allow you to clear of endless troubles that may occur with damages of information sources. With the help of our off-site data centres, you can be relieved that all of your files are securely kept in safe storage. It is the place that ensures information protection and recovery once the unexpected happens. In case of any disaster or losing of data we are at your service, you recreate all your lost files and the files you needed.

Benefits of Data Security:

  • We help you in preventing all your files that appear vulnerable to wicked hacking, corruption, system virus or maybe natural calamities like flood and fire.
  • We keep all your data and files absolute digital confidential.
  • Regular testing of database and thorough backup for proper file integrity.
  • We are concerned about your data and take regular backups to reduce the risk of severe losses of essential files
  • Quick access to encrypted records as soon as required.

The off-site storage provided by our remote server permits you to boost confidence within the future, whereas protective your business continuity.