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MySQL Solutions

MySQL is a globally popular open source database software. With its superior speed, dependability, and simple use, MySQL has become the popular selection for several firms as default info.

Since MySQL is that the most generally custom-made info server, powering most of the online and net applications in today's world, it's vital to style and implements info design that can effectively scale on high concurrent load and handle small to large volumes of data without compromising performance.

We specialize in handling high-performance MySQL OLTP systems and scaling large volumes of concurrent transactions for both read and write workloads.

We have an expert’s team of MySQL Database Experts who are highly experienced, thoroughly trained and also certified having a professional background in the field of MySQL and its related technologies

Our SQL Services:

  • Helps you in getting the best out of your current hardware by performance tuning and improving your SQL queries and also add indexes if necessary.
  • Proving more advanced MYSQL architectures like Master/Slave Replication or synchronous Multi-Master Replication that helps in reaching you near and far goals for the future.
  • Reviewing your Backup Concepts and implementing it in a way it also works when you need it (= restore).
  • Check your information style and counsel changes if necessary.
  • Upgrading your MySQL information to recent releases and migrating your information to MySQL, Galera Cluster, Percona Server or MariaDB.
  • Setting-up MySQL Scale-Out Architectures (MySQL Replication).