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DB2 Solutions is a database in the IT industry for leading performance, scale and reliability on your Choice of platform whether it is Linux, UNIX or Windows. Sagatianz IT solutions is a database of Choice for efficient and comprehensive enterprise solutions handling the high volume of workloads. We are experts in delivering high-performance database while being lower in cost.

DB2 Software Solutions Provide:

  • DB2 Solutions for all platforms like Linux, UNIX and Windows for industry-leading performance while having multi workloads, we distribute workloads to several systems offering unparalleled efficiencies for staffing and storage.
  • DB2 Solutions running on Sagatianz IT Solution mainframes are known and taken by some of the largest Banks and Financial Institutions as we provide the best service in our industry. Amongst the IT industry, we are recognised for efficiency, authenticity and availability.
  • DB2 Solution is an advanced solution that gives your database high performance, virtualisation, unique and energy efficient features. Sagatianz Management system also provides end to end solutions for your database
  • DB2 Connect desktop and palm-top applications to your mainframe and minicomputer host databases.

At Sagatianz, we are Information Management Specialists. We have a team of experts in the field of DB2 consultancy, database and information management. We are the leading provider of Information Management consultancy across the globe. We have diode DB2 implementations and integration across significant banks and financial institutions, globally. We are the trusted DB2 support providers to a various vary of worldwide clients.

If you require expertise to integrate a DB2 solution into your enterprise, troubleshoot performance problems, or upgrade the database, Sagatianz DB2 experts will complete your project on time and under budget. With a team of DBA's, operating system experts, and hardware engineers, there are very few problems within the information centre that we have not already encountered and satisfied.